A Payday loan without income certificates

Do you want to quickly patch the budget hole?

Zaplo – pożyczka bez zaświadczeń o dochodach

In such a situation, when you can not borrow funds from relatives, you can use banking or non-bank services. Unfortunately, when you are unable to fully document your income, you can not always count on a cash Payday loan at the bank. Then it is worth looking for a Payday loan without income certificates – it can be obtained, inter alia, at .

The company has been operating on the Polish market for a long time and offers its customers fast cash Payday loan. It is part of the group, which provides Payday loan in many European countries. The company specializes mainly in installment Payday loan, which can receive an amount of up to PLN 10,000 for a period of 3 to 24 months. Thanks to this, it is easier to implement your plans that raise higher amounts. That is why is an attractive alternative to payday Payday loan for shorter periods and smaller amounts.

When should you choose a Payday loan without income statements?

We can also find Payday loan in the offer without income certificates. We can borrow up to PLN 7,000 at that time. These Payday loan are directed to people who are unable to document their income. Contrary to appearances, there are many Poles who can not count on bank Payday loan because of this.

There are many situations in which the borrower is unable to confirm his income with relevant documents, for example a certificate of earnings from the employer. Below we present selected ones.

Payday loan without income statements:

• for people earning a contract for a work

• for those earning money on the contract of mandate

• for people working seasonally

• for unemployed people

• for people who can not prove their income

In such cases, we can not, unfortunately, count on the help of the bank, especially when we want to borrow a higher sum. Banks scrupulously check their clients, which is why they often ask for proof of income. In addition, they check borrowers in economic information databases, BIK, that is why in a situation where we had more than one month’s debt in the past, in which case the bank may refuse us a Payday loan .

How much does a Payday loan cost without a certificate?

The company meets the needs of such clients, therefore it offers them Payday loan without certificates up to PLN 7,000. It is an installment Payday loan – installments are paid monthly. Therefore, you can fund your various needs.

The Payday loan costs depend primarily on the selected sum and on the number of installments. On the company’s website, we find a calculator that allows you to choose the Payday loan amount and determine the amount of the installment that we will be able to pay monthly.

For example, with a maximum Payday loan sum of 7,000 PLN and a monthly installment of 570.93 PLN, the repayment period will be 24 months and we will have to give 13,702.24 PLN. We can submit an application for a Payday loan without any certificates straight away via the internet.

If you are looking for another cash Payday loan that will tell your needs fully, check out the installment Payday loan now . For our clients, we have prepared an attractive offer of online Payday loan up to PLN 10,000, with repayment spread even for 24 months. You can submit an application now.

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